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Big Data Visualization Forum:
Executive Chairmen:Xiaoru Yuan,Quan Yining
Forum summary:

With the development of Big Data research, visualization and visual analysis have gradually become research hotspots in the field of big data, and have been rapidly developed, playing an increasingly important role in the era of big data, and the application prospects are increasingly broad.

Visualization and visual analysis are the basis for understanding the intrinsic laws and models of complex phenomena, from biophysical multimodal information to climate change across centuries, from day and night in international metropolises to high-precision simulation of pneumatic aircraft. Visualization, a discipline that spans traditional boundaries, can quickly and efficiently streamline and refine data streams to provide users with deeper information. This forum invites many well-known experts in the field of visualization at home and abroad to introduce key technologies and typical applications of big data visualization and visual analysis from multiple perspectives, and explore how to further actively promote the innovation and development of technology and disciplines.

  • Speaker1: Issei Fujishiro Professor (Keio University)

  • Issei Fujishiro is Chief Professor of the Center for Information and Computer Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University, Yokohama. He received his Doctor of Science in information sciences from the University of Tokyo in 1988. His research interests include graphical modeling paradigms, applied visualization design, and smart multi-modal ambient media. He has been serving on the steering committee for IEEE SciVis and IEEE PacificVis and the editorial board for IEEE TVCG (1999 to 2003, 2018 to date) , Elsevier Computers & Graphics (2003-2013), and Elsevier Journal of Visual Informatics (2016 to date). He was a guest editor for IEEE CG&A (Vol. 35, No. 6, 2015 and Vol. 28, No. 5, 2008). He served as a Chair/Co-Chair for PacificVAST 2018, CGI 2017, TopoInVis 2017, ACM VRCAI 2015, PacificVis 2014, Cyberworlds 2013, and IEEE SMI 2006 and served as a Program/Paper Co-Chair for Cyberworlds 2019, SciVis 2018, VRCAI 2014, PacificVis 2008, and Volume Graphics 2005/2003. He is a member of Science Council of Japan.

    Title: Visual Exploration of Big Data in Astrophysics

    Abstract: Astrophysics can be regarded as the ultimate remote sensing because no one can travel to see real heavenly bodies located far from the Earth. The only option for astronomers is to observe and study a variety of signals emanating from the distant bodies. This might lead to their enthusiasm for data visualization, compared to ones in other disciplines. Indeed, astrophysics relies heavily on the values of observed data visualization and analysis. In this talk, an overview of the latest research results from our collaborative research projects with astronomers will be given, including asymmetric biclustering of multivariate data for correlated subspace mining and its application to supernovae categorization, TimeTubes for visually extracting feature polarization variations from long-sequences of observed blazar datasets, and aflak as a novel visual programming environment to conduct fine-grained transformations, filtering and visual analyses on multispectral astrophysical observations.

    Title Speaker Conference Hall
    8:30-8:55 Visual Exploration of Big Data in Astrophysics Issei Fujishiro
    (Keio University)
    8:55-9:20 Research on Visualization Method Based on Map as Metaphor Xiaoru Yuan
    (Peking University)
    9:20-9:45 Full space augmented reality visualization engine Qing Zhu
    (Southwest Jiaotong University)
    9:50-10:10 Tea Break
    10:10-10:35 Visual analysis of urban big data Yingcai Wu
    (Zhejiang University)
    10:35-11:00 Electronic medical record analysis and auxiliary diagnosis and treatment technology based on intelligent visualization Cao Nan
    (Tongji University)
    11:00-11:25 Safety and visualization combine to create new vitality Zhuo Zhang
    (Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd.)
    11:25-11:50 discussion Issei Fujishiro, Xiaoru Yuan, Qing Zhu, Yingcai Wu, Nan Cao, Zhuo Zhang 3-3